Boris Shor

Boris Shor

Associate Professor of Political Science

University of Houston


I am an Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science at the University of Houston.

The major parts of my research agenda are linked above. You can find my Google Scholar citations here, and my SSRN page here (with my working papers).

Visit the American Legislatures website, which has my state legislative ideology data for all 50 states–at the state and individual legislator level–for 1993-2018. A new data release was posted on July 2020, extending and cleaning the data substantially.

Recent Publications

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Two Decades of Polarization in America's State Legislatures

One of the most robust findings in American politics is the decades-long trends in the level of elite partisan polarization. Among the …

Can Pigou at the Polls Stop Us Melting the Poles?

Economists recommend Pigouvian taxes as the most efficient way to fight climate change. Yet, carbon taxes are difficult to implement …

Geography, Uncertainty, and Polarization

Using new data on roll-call voting of U.S. state legislators and public opinion in their districts, we explain how ideological …

Has The Top Two Primary Elected More Moderates?

Party polarization is perhaps the most significant political trend of the past several decades of American politics. Many observers …

Ideology, Party and Opinion: Explaining Individual Legislator ACA Implementation Votes in the States

Why do state legislators vote the way they do? Which influence is predominant: ideology, party, or public opinion? The implementation …

Working Papers

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